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As an Advanced AWS Partner, EPI-USE Services for AWS can offer a broad range of consulting services relating to the AWS Cloud.

Who is supporting your AWS environment?

After a client goes live with AWS, they still need to support the environment. EPI-USE Services for AWS has the team, tools, and automated systems to support enterprises’ AWS environments. Typical pain points include:

Who carries the pager? Who is on call 24-7, after hours, and over weekends to deal with infrastructure alerts, including system down issues?
Client: “I don’t want to burden my highly-paid and skilled developers with support issues.”
Who takes care of disaster recovery, patch management, and log monitoring?
With AWS, you only pay for the services you use – the challenge is knowing which services you’re using and the associated costs.

Managed Support from EPI-USE Services for AWS

Our services include:

EPI-USE AWS Services offers L1 & L2 shared resource support with L3 supervisionEPI-USE AWS Services offers assistance with any ad hoc support requestsEPI-USE AWS Services offers 24/7 support via email and phoneEPI-USE AWS Services offers constant malware scanning & mitigation, if neededEPI-USE AWS Services offers ongoing backup and DR managementEPI-USE AWS Services offers system patch updates as neededEPI-USE AWS Services offers AWS fee management & cost optimization

Get reliable and professional support for your AWS environment

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Implementation and pricing

A typical engagement starts with an initial assessment of the AWS environment with recommendations to improve security and performance, and to lower costs.

One-time setup fee: 30% of ARR, monthly recurring of 30% of AWS spend or $250/node.

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