About Olam

Olam International (Olam) is a leading food and agri-business organization with more than 81,000 employees, operating in 60 countries. Olam grows, processes, trades, and distributes crops to a worldwide clientele of close to 20,000, ranging from small family-run businesses to multinational corporations. In addition to their own farming activities, they run a sustainable program of sourcing produce from Latin America, Asia, and Africa. Through their Packaged Foods Business, they market their own brands directly to consumers in Africa. One of Olam’s aims is to help feed a growing global population while making a positive impact on stakeholders, farmers, and the environment.

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Quick Facts

  • Established in 1989
  • Listed on the Singapore Exchange
  • Over 81,000 employees
  • More than 75 manufacturing facilities
  • 14 innovation centers

The Challenge

EPI-USE, best known as the world’s largest and most experienced independent SAP® HR/Payroll specialist, designing, building, and implementing cloud-based, hybrid and on-premises HR/Payroll systems for large, complex multinational corporations, is a leader in deploying SAP’s S/4HANA Finance applications across several industries.

AWS introduced us to Olam to deploy SAP systems for Texas-based Liberty Agricultural Marketing Association (Liberty), one of Olam’s subsidiaries, given our expertise in this area.

Olam engaged EPI-USE to deploy an AWS virtual machine infrastructure running SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP for a 2-tier development and production SAP S/4HANA environment. Olam wanted to implement SAP S/4HANA Finance to a very tight schedule.

Liberty needed a site-to-site VPN, with the SAP systems to be accessed via this or via SSL VPN, and didn’t want their SAP systems exposed to the public internet. They wanted end-users to access the SAP systems via the VPN using SAPGUI.

The Solution

We successfully achieved the requirement for a 2-tier development and production SAP S/4HANA environment. The deployment took just four weeks and was implemented under budget with no interruptions to services. EPI-USE successfully completed the project as per the Statement of Work, defined by the following technical requirements:

  • Fully deployed AWS virtual machine infrastructure running SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP for a 2-tier DEV and PROD environment;
  • Site-to-site VPN to provide secure access to SAP systems;
  • Provision of SSL VPN service for end-user SSL VPN access;
  • Backups configured based on Olam’s backup retention policy; and
  • Backint implemented for successful application-level backup.

The following AWS services were used for the Liberty SAP project:

  • EC2 compliant SAP instances and EBS volumes;
  • AWS VPC and VPN;
  • Security groups;
  • AWS Backup and AWS Backint Agent for SAP HANA backups;
  • CloudWatch for monitoring and alerting; and
  • CloudTrail for a central audit log of all AWS activity.

The Benefits

With our expertise in providing solutions based on AWS, we were able to create an SAP-compliant environment quickly and efficiently on AWS for Liberty. Benefits included:

Rapid deployment of SAP S/4HANA 2-tier environment on AWS.
The SAP on AWS VPC was securely connected using a site-to-site VPN to Liberty’s on-premises datacenter; users were also provided with secure VPN access to SAP.
We delivered complete detailed documentation on the AWS on SAP environment, including backup setup and monitoring and alerting setup, allowing a seamless transition to Olam’s SAP Basis support team.
As an AWS Solution Provider, we provided Olam with ‘Billing as a service’. This service includes monthly invoicing of AWS fees and frequent cost optimizations that are passed onto Olam.
"We were under time pressure to implement SAP S/4HANA for Liberty. EPI-USE’s people rapidly deployed the SAP environment in AWS, and the partner funding from AWS made the case for the project easy to establish. We’re obviously pleased with the timeline, and as a bonus, EPI-USE came in under budget."
Douglas Schmidt, Senior IT Director, Olam

About EPI-USE Services for AWS and AWS

EPI-USE Services for AWS offers robust and scalable hosting solutions, based on AWS. As a Next-Gen Managed Services Provider (MSP) we provide managed services and consulting services for AWS, including assessment, development, migration, management, and optimization, allowing our clients to focus on their core business. By providing a flexible cloud migration methodology, we tailor our migrations to each client’s unique requirements. This allows any business to move from traditional server environments to AWS quickly and efficiently, with little to no impact on existing environments.

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